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Main Menu

 Settings: Provides access to the Options categories, which includes Settings and Ignore Lists.
 Exit: Exit Free Registry Fix.
 Scan Registry: Select the sections of the registry that you wish to scan by selecting or clearing the appropriate check boxes in the left list. Click the menu item or Scan Registry button to start the scan.
 Fix Errors: Once the scan has completed you will be shown a list of problems detected in your registry. You can either choose which sections to fix or the default is to select them all and click 'Fix Errors' to fix the problems.
 Restore Registry: Displays the Restore registry backup screen, where you can undo any changes to the Windows Registry made by Free Registry Fix after running a Scan and Fix.
 Select Item: Check the current registry entry in the list.

 Deselect Item: Un-check the current registry entry in the list.
 Select All of Type: Select all registry entries those caption same as the current one.
 Deselect All of Type: Open the selected folder in the list.
 Select All: Select all registry entries in the list.

 Deselect All: Cancel all registry entries in the list.
 Save as Text: Save all registry entries in the list to a text file.
 Regedit: Open the Regedit and locate at the current registry entry in the list.
 Online Help: Free Registry Fix's online help documents.
 About: Displays the About screen, where you can view more information about your current installation and version of Free Registry Fix.

Command line options:
'-cleanonce' will run the software be unattended. Then scan and fix registry errors. After fixing, the software will be exited.
For example: "C:\Program Files\Free Registry Fix\Regopti.exe -cleanonce".

Restore previous registry

For maximum safety, Free Registry Fix automatically creates a backup every time you click 'Fix Errors' when problems have been detected during a scan. You will be able to restore any changes made using the software by choosing 'Restore Registry' menu item.
To restore changes made to your system, please follow the procedure below:
1.Open Free Registry Fix
2.Click the menu 'Action' and select 'Restore Registry...' item
3.A list of backup files are displayed, along with the date and time of their creation. Select a proper backup that you wish to restore, and then click the 'Restore' button
4. When the restore is complete, click 'Close' button to return to the main interface
5. To delete any previous backups, select the items you would like to remove and click the 'Delete' button.
Note that you may be required to re-start your system to activate the newly-restored keys in your registry file.


Click the menu 'File' and select 'Settings...' item, the Options screen will been shown.

Create a system restore point before repairing errors (XP or Vista) - Select this check box to make Windows create a System Restore point prior to registry changes being applied whenever the Repair (Fix Errors) function is executed. Note: The "Create a system restore point before repairing errors" feature is available on Windows XP and Vista versions.
Ignore missing files on removable drives - For the file verification, you can choose to ignore the missing files on removable drives like DVD-ROM or USB storing devices. Then the software will ignore these files.
Ignore Lists (Registry Keys to exclude):
Free Registry Fix can sometimes identify keys associated with installed programs as being problems, when in fact they are legitimate keys. This is because the keys do not pass Free Registry Fix's criteria for being passed as valid, and this can cause the operation of the program which relates to these keys to become erratic.

Free Registry Fix allows you to create an 'Ignore List', where you can list the keys identified as problems by Free Registry Fix and instruct the program to bypass them in future scans.
Add - allows you to add a new registry key to your list.
Edit - allows you to edit a exist registry key in your list.
Remove - allows you to remove specific items from your Ignore Lists. To remove items from this list, select their check boxes and click the Remove button.

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