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Though I chose to make my programs freeware so that no one is required to pay for using them, I accept and appreciate donations. So, if you find my programs helpful and want to support further development, simply visit my homepage and click one of the "PayPal" buttons, or donate directly to my e-mail address via PayPal. Thanks in advance!

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ACleaner - Donate

Free Privacy Eraser - Donate

Free Registry Fix - -

Free MP3 CD Ripper - -

Credit Cards

The Online Store accepts VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Eurocard, Diners Club and JBC credit cards, as well as UK debit cards Solo and Switch.

Order by Phone or Fax

You can also choose to send your credit card information by phone or fax when placing your order online.

Your order will be completed by either printing out a form, adding your credit card number, and faxing it toll free, or by calling one of the toll free phone numbers in 16 countries and advising SWREG of your order number and credit card number. Detailed information about this will be available while filling the order form.


SWREG® is oldest online software store in the world. SWREG®, in existence since 1987, is a valuable service that was created to provide software and shareware authors the most convenient means possible of selling their products online. SWREG® is one of the most advanced and fastest growing online software processors on the web today.

SWREG® accept a PayPal payments.

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