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Registry Fix Pro Free Registry Fix 2.1  

Registry errors accumulate in your PC and cause Windows errors. Free Registry Fix will optimize your system registry by finding and removing errors and invalid entries. After fixing the invalid entries, your system will be more stable and run faster. For maximum safety, Free Registry Fix will make a backup of the repaired entries. You will be able to restore any changes made using the software by choosing Restore registry backup.

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Key FeaturesRegistry Fix Pro

1. Safely scan your Windows registry and fix any problems found.
2. Increase system speed and stability.
3. Monitor progress of scan.
4. Repair invalid registry entries that are a common cause of Windows crashes and Windows file error messages.
5. The automatic creation of Windows Registry backups, with the option to restore them.
6. Easy-to-use user interface.

Why do you need Free Registry Fix?

  Most applications today use registry to store configuration and other important data. When you install an application, a new registry entries will be created. These entries will automatically be deleted when you uninstall the application. Unfortunately, it does not always work that way. Sometimes, you will find that some applications fail to remove their own registry entries. These entries will become obsolete.
  After a long period, after installing and uninstalling a lot number of applications, your Windows registry will contain a large number of obsolete entries. These will significantly increase the registry size and thus will slowdown your computer, because Windows will need more time to load, search, and read data from registry.
  Run registry cleaner software like Free Registry Fix to get your computer working smoothly again.

Free Registry Fix will cleanup your Registry by finding:

 Invalid help paths
 Invalid Windows fonts
 Invalid file associations
 Invalid custom controls
 Obsolete software entries
 Useless file extensions
 Invalid application paths
 Non-existent Startup Programs
 Non-existent shared dlls

 Non-existent MRU and History Lists file
 Invalid program shortcuts
 Invalid Add/Remove Programs
 Empty Uninstall Entries
 Non-existent File or Folder
 Old Start Menu Key
 Empty Registry Keys.


  • Information:

  • Operating system: Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista/7/8

  • File Size: 731 KB        Download Now

  • License: Freeware      Donate

  • Old Name: Registry Fix Pro

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